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Giving Back for National Senior Citizen's Day

September 23, 2022
National Senior Citizen's Day is celebrated each year on August 21. The holiday was proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1988 to increase awareness of the issues that affect older adults such as deteriorating health or elder abuse. It's a day to recognize and acknowledge the accomplishments of the elderly in our society. A day to make them feel important and to show how much we appreciate their contributions at Veranda Gardens!

There are many ways to celebrate this national holiday with our local seniors. This year, we chose to partner with Partners in Prime and their local Meals on Wheels program. Partners in Prime is a local non-profit organization that provides social and wellness programming and community-based services for older adults in Butler County. In addition to their meal, we also delivered a sweet treat for our seniors to enjoy on the route. This isn't the first time we've teamed up with this local organization to introduce Veranda Gardens to our local elderly, and it certainly won't be our last.

Jowanna Webber, Director of Business Development, rode along with Karen, Program Director, and Joe, the delivery driver, to meet many local seniors on the route. "Hearing the wonderful stories these folks had to tell during our stops truly warmed my heart," said Webber. The snack and dessert brought beautiful smiles, but the time spent just stopping to say hello and the fact that Veranda Gardens honored them on National Senior Citizen's Day was a blessing to us all! We made sure that each individual senior felt special for their contributions to our community at each stop.

We love to be so involved with our community at all times of the year. In the past, we've partnered with Spring Cleaning Baskets, Share the Love and donated necessities to families in need in our community through our Wishing Program during Christmas. You'd be surprised what a Christmas ham and pantry basket does for the spirit during the holidays!

Taking the opportunity to celebrate with our local seniors for National Senior Citizen's Day was just another way to spread our "Culture of Care" into the community. Sharing our company's heart while making a difference in our elderly population cultivates and enriches all of our lives. After all, isn't that what we're here for? To give back and serve those who have served us. What an honor this was for Veranda Gardens to be a part of!

To find a Meals on Wheels program that serves near you, click the button below to visit their website.

Meals on Wheels

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