11784 Hamilton Ave. | Cincinnati, Ohio, 45231


I am very pleased with the care that I received during my stay at Veranda Gardens. Everyone that I came in contact with treated me like a member of their family. This is the second time that I was here and always I say "Thumbs Up." Thank you for your caring so much.

Mary Jane

Veranda Gardens is a very clean facility. The staff are always friendly and willing to help and to answer and solve any questions or concerns I may have. Since my mother has been at Veranda Gardens her physical health has greatly improved. There are many activities for the residents to take part in.


Veranda Gardens is a very nice facility, and I watched how the staff interacted with the people there and I just have to tell you that I loved it, everyone was great and people are treated well there.


My mom's stay here was incredible and I am so thankful for all of the staff. They made the last days of my mom's life wonderful. I will sing their praises to anyone and everyone.


My stay at Veranda was impeccable. I very highly recommend this place. The rooms were spacious and even had a kitchenettes! There is no other place than here for your rehab needs. I have peace of mind knowing I will be treated by such compassionate staff.

Miquell M.

It has taken me a couple months to write this due to loosing my dad in June. My dad was a resident at Veranda for 1 year. Every one of the staff that took care of my dad or interacted with me on all levels was kind and caring. He loved them. He danced and joked and hugged them and I could not have asked for a more gracious and caring group. They danced and joked and hugged him right back. You made our lives so special over the last year. Thank you so much. You will never be forgotten. My sister and I love you all. Hugs to you. This was a wonderful place for us to be in a very hard time. Please know your hugs helped us through. Kindness all around. Thank you!


The nurses are very nice people, actually I really like all the people that I have met here at Veranda. My room has been thoroughly cleaned every day since I got here.I have had a wonderful stay.

Vanessa P.

We are very happy with Veranda Gardens and report that your friendly staff is terrifically kind and helpful! And Jean enjoys the food, which the kitchen should hear!

Managing a health care facility has to be extremely difficult, but a tone is being set that seems to carry kindness and can-do from top to bottom. Hats off!

Keith K.